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'We need help out here': Arizona farmer sounds the alarm on migrant surge contaminating crops


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Alex Muller, president of Pasquinelli Produce Company, said record numbers of migrant crossings have caused him to often throw out the produce he is growing due to contamination. 

Muller, a farmer from Yuma, Ariz., described the impact on his business Thursday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

"Over the last two years, it's just been a death by a thousand cuts. It's been a slow trickle, and we're seeing it every day," he said. 

"The community here has seen an uptick in crossers. And it's just been continuous and continuous, and it's taxing. And it's hard for us to do our jobs when we take food safety at the utmost for what we do. And any time anybody enters our field, we have to cordon that off and flag it and we don't harvest that area."

Host Tucker Carlson questioned why neither the state nor the federal government was stepping in to help. 

Muller responded saying Border Patrol is the only agency that shows up. 

"The Border Patrol are a glorified travel agency now. And, you know, people cross down here a quarter mile and Border Patrol comes down and they put people in busses. They take them to a tent city where the Border Patrol station is. There's probably 5000 people there at any given time. And they're giving them bus passes or airplane tickets and they're flying all over the country. And it's been insane to watch for the last two years," he explained. 

"We need help down here. And we want to bring light to this situation."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bussed thousands of migrants from his state to liberal cities such as Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Chicago in an effort to relieve overwhelmed border communities.

The Biden administration has repeatedly called Abbott's decision nothing more than a "publicity stunt" that uses migrants as pawns in a political game. 


Data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) from fiscal year 2022 found a record number of migrants died while crossing the border. 

CBP sources told Fox News in January that migrant encounters at the southern border exceeded 250,000 in December, marking the first time on record that encounters have reached that level.

Muller explained he and his wife are proud of the work they do, providing food to the American public, but argued something needs to be done about the migrant crossings. 

"It's been going on for two years and we need help down here. It's not something that's in our wheelhouse. It's not something the city of Yuma needs to deal with. But yeah, we'd like to get some help," he said. 

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