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  1. Aaron Rodgers on Tuesday addressed the failures of the Green Bay Packers’ season following the team’s playoff loss at home to the San Francisco 49ers over the weekend.View the full article
  2. President Biden is really feeling the pressures of the presidency during this very rough stretch, and for all his time on the national stage he’s not used to having every word analyzed and criticized.View the full article
  3. A California city has approved liability insurance for gun owners, the first such measure in the US, as it seeks to lower gun violence through stricter rules.View the full article
  4. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., jointed “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday to discuss what he sees as the Biden administration's failed approach to the border.View the full article
  5. Tom Brady on Tuesday took a moment to recognize his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates following their playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams over the weekend.View the full article
  6. A Nebraska man, 24, accused of killing two people at a fast-food restaurant in 2020 and leaving two others injured could face the death penalty if convicted, the county attorney’s office said this week.View the full article
  7. sciencehabit shares a report from Science.org: When Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai, a mostly submerged volcanic cauldron in the South Pacific Ocean, exploded on January 15, it unleashed a blast perhaps as powerful as the world's biggest nuclear bomb, and drove tsunami waves that crashed into Pacific shorelines. But 3 hours or so before their arrival in Japan, researchers detected the waves of another small tsunami. Even stranger, tiny tsunami waves just 10 centimeters high were detected around the same time in the Caribbean Sea, which is in an entirely different ocean basin. What was going on? Researchers say there is only one reasonable explanation: The explosion's staggeringly powerful shock wave, screaming around the world close to the speed of sound, drove tsunamis of its own in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It's the first time a volcanic shock wave has been seen creating its own tsunamis, says Greg Dusek, a physical oceanographer at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who documented the phenomenon using a combination of tide and pressure gauges around the world. But, "It's almost certainly happened in the past," says Mark Boslough, a physicist at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. The discovery suggests the shock waves generated by explosive eruptions in Earth's history, and by other violent cataclysms, like the airbursts of comets or asteroids colliding with the planet's atmosphere, may have also created transoceanic tsunamis, perhaps with considerably bigger waves. Read more of this story at Slashdot. View the full article
  8. The trial for an Alabama man accused of feeding his “attack squirrel” methamphetamines has been delayed as he faces new charges, officials said.View the full article
  9. Back in 1968, toddler Kathy Wrethman went missing in Australia but was recovered safely.View the full article
  10. The country sacrificed its own security because it was offended by Trump's cutting humor, Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday in his opening monologue.View the full article
  11. Former senior Border Patrol official speaks out on what he believes are nefarious stances by the Biden administration at the border on 'Hannity.'View the full article
  12. Hugh Hefner's widow Crystal Hefner said that she destroyed "thousands" of cameras' worth of photos of nude women allegedly kept by her late husband to keep women from leaving the Playboy Mansion.View the full article
  13. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ended a months-long rumor that she would retire when she announced her interest in seeking re-election, a choice one CNN pundit is hoping she reconsiders.View the full article
  14. Organisers lower testing benchmarks while the rest of the city faces harsher Covid restrictions.View the full article
  15. Tucker Carlson compared how Democrats view the U.S. border and Ukraine's border.View the full article
  16. A 40-year-old father in Southern California texted his brother of his "regret" that he didn’t get vaccinated two days before he died of the coronavirus last weekend, according to reports.View the full article
  17. Officials say the decision poses risks to financial stability and consumer protection in the country.View the full article
  18. In her "Ingraham Angle" commentary on Tuesday, host Laura Ingraham compared and contrasted Tom Brady and Dr. Anthony Fauci.View the full article
  19. A manhunt is underway in New York after a gunman shot a man awaiting treatment in the emergency room of a hospital.View the full article
  20. University of Chicago student blasts 'unethical' booster mandate on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'View the full article
  21. "Twin Peaks" actress Alicia Witt has spoken out regarding the sudden deaths of her parents, who were found in their Massachusetts home last month.View the full article
  22. The "Hannity" host said President Biden is "unable to control his bursts of anger."View the full article
  23. The shortage of semiconductors is continuing to have a major impact on industries around the world.View the full article
  24. The BBC is seeking a future star of African journalism for the BBC World News Komla Dumor Award 2022.View the full article
  25. An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: ecurity company Qualys has uncovered a truly dangerous memory corruption vulnerability in polkit's pkexec, CVE-2021-4034. Polkit, formerly known as PolicyKit, is a systemd SUID-root program. It's installed by default in every major Linux distribution. This vulnerability is easy to exploit. And, with it, any ordinary user can gain full root privileges on a vulnerable computer by exploiting this vulnerability in its default configuration. As Qualsys wrote in its brief description of the problem: "This vulnerability is an attacker's dream come true." Why is it so bad? Let us count the ways: - Pkexec is installed by default on all major Linux distributions. - Qualsys has exploited Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and CentOS in their tests, and they're sure other distributions are also exploitable. - Pkexec has been vulnerable since its creation in May 2009 (commit c8c3d83, "Add a pkexec(1) command"). - An unprivileged local user can exploit this vulnerability to get full root privileges. - Although this vulnerability is technically a memory corruption, it is exploitable instantly and reliably in an architecture-independent way. - And, last but not least, it's exploitable even if the polkit daemon itself is not running. Red Hat rates the PwnKit as having a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score of 7.8. This is high. [...] This vulnerability, which has been hiding in plain sight for 12+ years, is a problem with how pkexec reads environmental variables. The short version, according to Qualsys, is: "If our PATH is "PATH=name=.", and if the directory "name=." exists and contains an executable file named "value", then a pointer to the string "name=./value" is written out-of-bounds to envp[0]." While Qualsys won't be releasing a demonstration exploit, the company is sure it won't take long for exploits to be available. Frankly, it's not that hard to create a PwnKit attack. It's recommended that you obtain and apply a patch ASAP to protect yourself from this vulnerability. "If no patches are available for your operating system, you can remove the SUID-bit from pkexec as a temporary mitigation," adds ZDNet. "For example, this root-powered shell command will stop attacks: # chmod 0755 /usr/bin/pkexec." Read more of this story at Slashdot. View the full article
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