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  1. The brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had a defender in the mayor of the city after he was involved in an incident with a gloating Baltimore Ravens fan on Sunday night. View the full article
  2. How an ancient story of a superhuman god ended up in all sorts of unexpected places. View the full article
  3. Pakistan’s government is proposing that the international community develop a road map that leads to diplomatic recognition of the Taliban — with incentives if they fulfill its requirements — and then sit down face to face and talk it out with the militia’s leaders. View the full article
  4. The creators of Blacks & Whites want to make talking about inequality easier—and might teach your racist uncle a thing or two. View the full article
  5. Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images This week marks the release of Sable, a beautiful indie title that looks like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild mixed with a comic from Jean “Moebius” Giraud. It’s not just the game’s art that’s striking, though; the whole experience is accompanied by an excellent original soundtrack composed by Michelle Zauner, the frontwoman for the indie rock band Japanese Breakfast. Ahead of Sable’s launch on Thursday and the release of the official soundtrack on Friday, I got the opportunity to talk to Zauner about composing the music for the game. It has a completely different sound than what you might be used to from her other work, so I wanted to know what it was like to make the music and where she got her inspiration. There was a lot to... Continue reading… View the full article
  6. Manufacturers could be forced to change devices to a uniform charging port. View the full article
  7. Newly single mom Jana Kramer is opening up about a “strange” encounter she experienced when running into her ex Mike Caussin while out with her rumored fling Jay Cutler. View the full article
  8. Patrick Mahomes addressed the incident involving his brother spraying a fan with a water bottle during the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens on the road Sunday night. View the full article
  9. WWE pokes fun at the woke left with new wrestler who believes the ring is a "safe space" and that he does not need to use his "male privilege." View the full article
  10. NFL Week 3 begins with Sam Darnold trying to lead the Carolina Panthers to their third straight win while the Houston Texans will put Davis Mills out there at quarterback for the first start of his career. Mills is in for an injured Tyrod Taylor and could be in line for an upset win over the Panthers. View the full article
  11. Sarah Jessica Parker is giving herself some time before publicly releasing a statement about her “Sex and the City" co-star Willie Garson's death. View the full article
  12. Volkswagen now owns the Scout name for vehicles, setting up the possibility of the brand bringing it back on an electric SUV. View the full article
  13. A Southern California school backtracked on denying high school students from painting American flag designs on parking spaces for a fundraising auction, now granting them permission to proceed. View the full article
  14. Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, has announced plans to force smartphone and other electronics manufacturers to fit a common USB-C charging port on their devices. The proposal is likely to have the biggest impact on Apple, which continues to use its proprietary Lightning connector rather than the USB-C connector adopted by most of its competitors. The rules are intended to cut down on electronic waste by allowing people to re-use existing chargers and cables when they buy new electronics. In addition to phones, the rules will apply to other devices like tablets, headphones, portable speakers, videogame consoles, and cameras. Manufacturers will also be forced to make their fast-charging standards... Continue reading… View the full article
  15. After being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ryder Cup returns on Friday with the U.S. team trying to get the trophy back from Europe. This time, the title will be played for on U.S. soil with the tournament taking place at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. View the full article
  16. DeSnake apparently eluded the DOJ's takedown of AlphaBay. The admin talked to WIRED about his return—and the resurrection of the notorious underground marketplace. View the full article
  17. Local evidence of the cataclysm has literally washed away over the years. But Oregon’s Douglas firs may have recorded clues deep in their tree rings. View the full article
  18. A recent wave of attacks belies an apparent lull toward the end of the summer. View the full article
  19. The advance of lava from a volcanic eruption in Spain’s Canary Islands has slowed significantly, raising doubts Thursday about whether it will fan out across the land and destroy more homes instead of flowing into the sea. View the full article
  20. Mayim Bialik knew she’d be busy around this time of year, but not this busy. View the full article
  21. The late, great Pete Dye had a ready reply whenever critics screamed one of his course designs was over the top. View the full article
  22. Scott Kazmir got the San Francisco Giants into a jam and rookie reliever Camilo Doval got them right out of it. View the full article
  23. Houston manager Dusty Baker says a huge source of pride about his AL West-leading team is the way it plays defense. View the full article
  24. Robert Gentile, a mobster who for years denied suspicions from authorities that he knew anything about a trove of artwork valued in the millions that was stolen in a 1990 museum heist and remains missing, has died. He was 85. View the full article
  25. First Julio Urías. Now Walker Buehler. View the full article
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