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A cable company that prided itself on no data caps says you’re getting data caps because pizza

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Internet data caps are not like pizza — where taking a slice could mean fewer slices for everyone else. I don’t think Verge readers have trouble understanding this concept? It’s been well-established that ISPs have no trouble delivering all the data you could possibly ever use, even during — say — a global pandemic when vast throngs of the population have suddenly found themselves working from home.

This, however, did not stop WideOpenWest (aka WOW!) from using pizza to justify brand-new, never-before-seen data caps for its cable internet subscribers, starting June 1st, 2021, as Ars Technica reports.

Here’s a portion of the email subscribers are receiving:

What’s a monthly data usage plan? Let us illustrate …

Imagine that the WOW!...

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