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Mike Tyson reflects on early challenges and how he was trained to become a champion


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Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson sat down with Tucker Carlson to share how the people placed in his life early on, led him to pursue a professional boxing career.

Tyson got candid while speaking to Tucker on "Tucker Carlson Today" on Fox Nation, sharing aspects of his life that he has not spoken about before.

Although he was inspired by Muhammad Ali, Tyson also credited his mentors Bobby Stewart and Cus D'Amato.

Bobby Stewart is remembered as Mike Tyson's first trainer. Tyson shared his first interaction with Stewart while at the Tryon Residential Center for Boys. Stewart was on the school staff at the time.

"When I came there, I was in another facility on that campus," said Tyson, "And I believe I… I don't want to say I stabbed somebody, but I had an altercation with somebody. So I came when he met me I had handcuffs, and I'm rearrested and I was a mess. And so when the guys were talking to me… cause they said, ‘well you’re not a bad guy because you did that.’ 'We have ex-fighter Bobby Stewart, you need to meet him. He'll probably get you in shape.' And I said, Well, I would love to meet him, I met Muhammad Ali, I've seen Muhammad Ali…"

Tyson recalled that he always wanted to be a fighter and how Stewart imposed discipline and academic achievement.

"This guy knocks on my door. 'I heard you wanna talk, what do you want?' I said I want to be a fighter," said Tyson. "'Everybody wants to be a fighter. You show me you want to be a fighter. Let's just see how your conduct is.' And I went from being a really jerky, nasty guy to becoming an A-student."

Bobby Stewart would then introduce Mike Tyson to Cus D'Amato.

Tyson opened up about living with D'Amato from an early age at his home, and his relationship with his trainer and mentor.

D'Amato adopted Tyson after his mother signed him over to D'Amato to be his guardian before she died. 

Tyson said D'Amato was a total disciplinarian, and he showed no signs of weakness - the former professional boxer admitted that he was always afraid of him. 

"He has the system of intimidation down like a science," said Tyson.

D'Amato died before Tyson became the youngest world heavyweight titleholder in history.

Tyson said he's proud of his childhood and is not ashamed of it. 


He told Tucker that his disadvantage was his advantage. "My adversity inspired me to be more than I truly was," said Tyson.

Part 2 of Tucker's interview with Mike Tyson will air Wednesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

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