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INGRAHAM: With all the Biden administration's spin, no one knows what to believe


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Laura Ingraham discusses the incompetence of the Biden administration regarding the Chinese spy craft and other foreign flying objects on "The Ingraham Angle."

LAURA INGRAHAM: [John] Kirby's confusing, incomplete and convenient account of the object shoot-down is par for the course. Now, with all the administration's spin, no one knows what to believe — and if you love watching car racing, you know that it is never pretty when this happens. 


Well, unfortunately for us, when Biden's wheels come off, it's America that begins to break apart. And perhaps more than any other week since the deadly Afghanistan withdrawal, this past one has been one where things seem to be careening out of control. And if Biden thought that sending an F-22 to shoot down that spy balloon was going to help course-correct, he was sorely mistaken.

Though, by allowing it to traverse the United States, collecting data, surveilling sensitive military sites, Scranton Joe showed China that Biden and the Pentagon have essentially given up on deterring them. As Biden's generals are focused on spreading the gospel of Ibram Kendi and propping up Zelenskyy, President Xi, he's picking his targets and expanding his influence. Yes, that means Taiwan is a sitting duck. 

To add insult to injury, it turns out that the equipment is linked directly to the People's Liberation Army that was in that balloon, and there are growing concerns that even U.S. companies may have been able to skirt sanctions to sell China the balloons, antenna and surveillance tech. 

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