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Tech site trashed after giving ‘Harry Potter’ game rock bottom review score over J.K. Rowling’s views


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Twitter users slammed major tech outlet Wired.com after it published a devastating review for the latest "Harry Potter" video game based on politics. 

Despite several major gaming outlets giving "Hogwarts Legacy" glowing reviews for its beautiful open world, high quality visuals and fun gameplay, Wired.com gave the game a 1/10 because of its ties to "Harry Potter" creator J.K. Rowling.

Wired’s review appears to be the latest attempt in liberal activists’ quest to attack the work of Rowling for what they see are her "transphobic" views. Rowling has stated her belief that womanhood is rooted in biological sex, angering LGBTQ activists and prompting a boycott of her products that has resulted in people trashing "Hogwarts Legacy."


The review, published Friday, did not hesitate to slam an entertainment product based on subjective political grounds. In the review’s subheader, it stated "The game is mid at best, and its real-world harms are impossible to ignore," suggesting that though the product might be mediocre, it still deserves the lowest score possible for external reasons.

Reviewer Jaina Grey, who alluded to her being trans in her piece, revealed that the dismal score she gave the game stemmed from her hurt feelings over J.K Rowling’s statements on transgender people. 

She began by tying the game to Rowling, stating, "she’s always been inseparable from her work and from work that she’s inspired."

Grey then stated, "Since 2019 though, the once-beloved children’s author has—well, she’s had some opinions. About people like me. And whether or not we should exist. She’s even gone as far as to suggest that we’re inherently dangerous, a threat to real (ouch) women everywhere."

She continued, "When I was a kid, every word that flowed from J. K. Rowling’s pen wrote magic into my world, but now every word she puts out just hurts my heart." And finally, she added, "there are places we can’t return to. Places like Hogwarts."


More than halfway into Grey’s personal screed against Rowling did criticism of the actual video game finally appear, and even then the reviewers’ analysis seemed based on a political extrapolation.

Grey stated, "The story, besides being rooted in anti-Semitism (a global ‘cabal’ is trying to end slavery but that's bad because the slaves like being slaves), doesn’t even feel compelling. It feels muddy, a minefield of unanswered questions and unexplained motivations." 

She added, "And speaking of which, the characters often flat-out state their motivations, but they don’t feel believable or even particularly coherent. It says it’s Hogwarts, but it doesn’t feel like Hogwarts." 

But then she went right back to lamenting how Rowling’s alleged transphobia is baked into the game and all "Harry Potter" products. "There’s a direct correlation between how open Rowling becomes about her bigotry, and how flat and heartless Wizarding World media becomes. I don’t think that’s a coincidence."

Twitter users slammed Grey’s nakedly political review.

Journalist Jesse Singal tweeted, "Wired's review of Hogwarts Legacy gives it 1/10 because in part because ‘its real-world harms are impossible to ignore.’ The first sentence is literally ‘Yikes, y'all.’ There's a subset of writer who is now beyond parody."

Gaming commentator @LegacyKillaHD tweeted, "Wired has given Hogwarts Legacy a 1/10 review score. Exactly what WB knew was coming & why they didn't give review copies to everyone. Wired's review is disgusting. A clear example of agenda driven nonsense that is more interested in the outside politics rather than the game."

YouTuber @Kneon stated, "@WIRED gave Hogwarts Legacy a 1/10 in their ‘game review.’ That would indicate the game is Superman 64 levels of bad. It's just an activist's rant, not a review."

Fellow YouTuber @BigfryTV tweeted, "Wow. I just read possibly the worst review for a video game I’ve ever seen. @WIRED just put out a 1/10 hit piece on Hogwarts Legacy lol."

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