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Chiefs' Andy Reid admits he has 'decision' to make on retirement after Super Bowl LVII, NFL insider says


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Andy Reid will make his fourth Super Bowl appearance as the head coach of a football team between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Reid, 64, admitted to FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer he let the moments in the days leading up to the Super Bowl soak in more and tried to enjoy all of it as the Chiefs prepared for the game.


"Just got off the phone with Andy and he said, ‘Well, look, the biggest difference between this Super Bowl for me and in years past – I’m trying to enjoy these. In the past I’d just go business, business and I really wouldn’t look at certain things to enjoy. All the way back to the AFC Championship Game, I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning returning all these texts to everybody who are just congratulating me’ until his wife Tammy said hey, he had to get to bed you’re too old to stay up to 5:30 in the morning," Glazer explained on the "Super Bowl LVII Pregame Show."

"But he said look I’m just trying to enjoy every moment this week, which I really didn’t do in the past."

Glazer said he asked Reid whether Super Bowl LVII will be the final game of his career.


"I did ask Andy, ‘If you win this game, will this be the final time we see you coach?’ It wasn’t a ‘no’ but he said look, I’m not getting any younger. I still have a young quarterback. I have a decision I have to make after this game," Glazer added.

A win could solidify Reid’s place among the best coaches ever to lead in the NFL.

Former Chiefs star Tony Gonzalez told Fox News Digital he thought Reid could be up there among the greatest coaches of all-time if he wins Sunday.

"I mean definitely go to put him up there," he said. "Andy, from a play-calling perspective, I don’t think you can say anybody was better than him. And then you give him a guy like Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill – I know he’s not playing there anymore – I think the stuff that he can do is genius.

"Absolutely, I put him up there, top-five coach of all time – and if he wins this week for sure."

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