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[Slashdot] - Addressing 'Design Mistakes' in Node.js, Its Developers Release JS/TypeScript Runtime Deno 1.0

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"The makers of the widely used JavaScript server-side runtime, Node.js, have released Deno 1.0, a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that addresses 'design mistakes' in Node.js," reports ZDNet: Just like Node.js or Node, the Deno runtime is for executing JavaScript outside a web browser. However, unlike Node.js, Deno offers first-class support for Microsoft's increasingly popular Typescript, a superset of JavaScript designed for large projects... "With the changing JavaScript language, and new additions like TypeScript, building Node projects can become an arduous endeavor, involving managing build systems and other heavy-handed tooling that takes away from the fun of dynamic language scripting," writes Node.js creator Ryan Dahl in a blogpost co-authored by fellow Deno developers Bert Belder and Bartek Iwanczuk... Deno is based on Google's Chromium V8 JavaScript engine. While its standard modules are all written in TypeScript, Infoworld points out that Deno "can be a replacement for utility scripts that may have been written in Python or Bash... Deno was designed as a series of Rust crates to allow integration at different layers." (A blog post by its developers notes Deno "makes it easy to bind Rust future-based APIs into JavaScript promises.") But "Like a web browser, it knows how to fetch external code," the developers wrote, calling Deno "a web browser for command-line scripts" while arguing that with Node, "the mechanism for linking to external libraries is fundamentally centralized through the NPM repository, which is not inline with the ideals of the web... Also like browsers, [Deno] code is executed in a secure sandbox by default. Scripts cannot access the hard drive, open network connections, or make any other potentially malicious actions without permission." In an interview Dahl tells JAXenter they're already keeping an index of third party modules that work on Deno at https://deno.land/x/. "It's important to understand that Deno is not a fork of Node," the developers' blog post explains. "It's a completely new implementation..." "One last thing," the blog post concludes. "Consider supporting this open source software work by pre-ordering a Deno v1.0 hoodie."

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