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2024 cherry blossom forecast announced for Japan


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If you are heading to Japan this spring in hopes of seeing the Somei Yoshino (Yoshino cherry) trees, the Japan Meteorological Corporation released its peak bloom prediction dates for more than 1,000 cities throughout the country.

Traditional hanami (flower-watching) celebrations in Japan happen across the country from mid-March through early May, though peak cherry blossoms vary slightly depending on location.

Cherry blossom forecast for Japan in 2024JAPAN METEOROLOGICAL CORPORATION

In Tokyo, for example, the forecasted flowering date is March 23, with full bloom expected seven days later on March 30. In Kyoto, the blooms are expected to become flowers on the same date as in Tokyo (March 23); full bloom is expected two days later than in Tokyo on April 1.

Cherry blossom forecast for JapanJAPAN METEOROLOGICAL CORPORATION

Though it’s unlikely that most people will be able to change their travel plans to accommodate peak bloom viewing, the meteorological corporation advises those who will be in Japan around those peak dates to download the Sakura Navi app for updated progression by location.

The agency’s forecasting method is based on the temperatures during fall and winter, cherry tree growth status, overall temperatures and data from previous years.

“The flowering and full bloom dates of cherry blossoms depend on the temperature patterns from autumn of the preceding year. The buds of cherry blossoms are formed during the summer of the preceding year. Before they flower, they must go through two processes: dormancy and growth,” according to the Japan Meteorological Corporation. “Buds do not start growing as soon as they are formed; they first enter a period of dormancy. Dormancy allows the buds to survive the winter, with its cold weather and short days. During dormancy, buds do not show any visible development. However, once they enter the growth stage, they will grow increasingly large as the moment of flowering draws nearer.”


Travelers can also find real-time flowering updates for their intended viewing location using the agency’s Flowering Meter, which shows the percentage progress by city toward full bloom.

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