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Kayleigh McEnany: The mainstream media's plan for Trump in 2024 is censorship


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"Outnumbered" co-host Kayleigh McEnany joined "Hannity" to react to former President Trump winning the Iowa caucuses in historic fashion. The former White House press secretary also took aim at liberal networks for refusing to air all of Trump's victory speech.


KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Donald Trump last night, he did not just make history, all he needed to do was a 12.8% margin, he crushed history. He beat his nearest competitor by 30 points, winning 98 out of 99 counties losing by one vote in the one county, just one singular vote. It was, by all accounts, historic. Now the media, for their part, they don't learn their lesson. It's like 2016 on repeat where the number one issue is immigration, we saw that last night where the media just doesn't deride Trump. They deride his supporters. You remember the Neanderthal thinking line from Biden recently. Back in 2016, you had Hillary Clinton's basket of deplorables. You had Don Lemon on his show laughing at the rubes who can't find countries on a map. They haven't learned their lesson. They continue to demean his supporters. But … I am worried that the media has a plan, and we saw it play out last night, to just censor this man. Jake Tapper, what a shameful moment from a so-called journalist as you exposed, he is not. To cut off Donald Trump and say, you could hear him under my voice saying anti-immigrant things. He was not. Let the people hear the man speak.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow explained to viewers Monday night why the network refused to air former President Trump's speech after his landslide win in the Iowa caucuses, saying the channel couldn't air "lies."

"At this point in the evening, the projected winner of the Iowa caucuses has just started giving his victory speech," Maddow said, without directly mentioning Trump by name. "We will keep an eye on that as it happens. We will let you know if there is any news made in that speech, if there is anything noteworthy, something substantive and important."

She explained that MSNBC and other news outlets are interested in telling the truth.

Over on CNN, host Jake Tapper interrupted Trump's speech on Monday night, telling viewers that Trump was "repeating his anti-immigrant rhetoric."

Fox News' Jeffrey Clark contributed to this report.

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