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Defense Secretary Austin should resign over 'grave errors' during hospitalization, says congressman


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Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, joined "The Faulkner Focus" Wednesday to call for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's resignation. The Air Force veteran said Austin's hospitalization and failure to notify the White House played out like a "bad B movie" and represented a "grave error."


REP. PAT FALLON: This is like one of those bad B-movies with a lazy script. The secretary of defense tried to hide a serious illness and was disappeared for days, if not a week or so, and wouldn't even let the president of the United States know he's running the Department of Defense. It's supposed to be critical. So the [Armed Services Committee], we're looking into it. I think we're going to have hearings on it, which we should, because I think, quite frankly, he should resign. … Joe Biden is a shadow of who he used to be, does not have the mental acuity that he had when he was younger. It's sad. it's unfortunate, but he's unfit to serve as the president of the United States, for that reason and all these bad decisions. So this was a serious, grave error on the secretary of defense's part. And I honestly think that, and I will be continuing to call for his resignation.

Fallon's comments came after it was revealed that an aide to Austin asked EMTs responding to the secretary's home to be "subtle," according to audio of a 911 call.

The aide requested that the ambulance not use its sirens or lights during the trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The newly-released 911 call is the latest development in Austin's secret hospital visit, which was kept even from President Biden and other top members of the administration.

"Can the ambulance not show up with lights and sirens? We’re trying to remain a little subtle," the aide told first responders in the call.

Austin first arrived at the hospital on New Year's Day and stayed for two weeks before being released on Tuesday. He is expected to work from home for a "period of time."

"The Secretary will recuperate and perform his duties remotely for a period of time before returning full-time to the Pentagon. He has full access to required secure communications capabilities," the Pentagon said in a statement.

Fox News' Anders Hagstrom contributed to this report.

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