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JESSE WATTERS: This is now the Harris-Biden ticket


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Fox News host Jesse Watters rips Vice President Kamala Harris’ leadership as she appears to take a more aggressive role in President Biden's re-election campaign ahead of the 2024 presidential election on "Jesse Watters Primetime." 

JESSE WATTERS: In two weeks, Kamala has been to three times as many battlegrounds as Biden. Let's face it, she's the candidate. The Biden campaign is transitioning. Its pronouns are changing. This is now the Harris-Biden ticket. They don't have another choice. We're in another three-day stretch where the president hasn't been seen in public. We thought they'd pull the switcheroo if Biden got reelected, and then he'd resign within the first two years and give us the first DEI president. So, how was Kamala's debut at the top of the ticket?  



KAMALA HARRIS on "THE VIEW": "I am scared as heck, which is why I'm traveling our country. You know, there's an old saying that there are only two ways to run for office, either without an opponent or scared. So, on all of those points, yes, we should all be scared." 

JESSE WATTERS: The women of the "Primetime" staff, when they watched Kamala saying she was scared, cringed. Kamala is running to be the first female commander-in-chief and the ladies of "Primetime" didn't think "I'm scared as heck" sent the right message.  

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