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Texans exec Hannah McNair dumps fuel on Titans rivalry: 'Who’s salty here?'


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The Houston Texans-Tennessee Titans rivalry is flaming bright after the latest dig between the two enemies of the AFC South. 

For some context, whether she was clueless or it was deliberately done, Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk saw her team wearing "Columbia Blue" uniforms against the Texans last season. 

"Columbia Blue" is the color the Houston Oilers wore before Bud Adams, Strunk’s father, moved the team from Houston to Tennessee.  


Well, Hannah McNair, wife of owner Cal McNair and vice president of the Texans Foundation, took it as a slight and decided to respond during the Texans’ uniform redesign. 

The team showed off its color rush uniform, which featured a new color: "H-Town Blue." It is similar to "Columbia Blue," and though the league first signed off on them incorporating it more into the uniform, blowback came when the rest of the league caught wind. 

Though the Oilers played in Houston, the Titans own the rights to that color. 


"We heard that loud and clear from our fans: They wanted H-Town Blue represented. They wanted Houston represented," Cal McNair told SportsRadio 610’s In the Loop. "So, we worked with the NFL, and there was some push and shove, and we came to where we could get to with the NFL, giving us a compromise, sort of a certain percentage in the uniform. 

"I think our fans would like more, and we’re probably in that same boat, but we’re working with the powers that be with the league and all that stuff to get to where we could get."

When SportsRadio 610 asked where there was pushback, Hannah McNair responded, "What do you think?" She was clearly referring to Strunk and the Titans. 

Hannah McNair, then, responded to those Titans fans calling her "salty" for their team wearing the "Columbia Blue" jerseys in the game they lost to the Texans, 19-16, in overtime. 

"Who started it?" McNair said. "[The Titans did by] wearing it against us. And if anyone was at [last year’s game in Tennessee], their in-house PA was instigating it. It was unbelievable but also wonderful because we finished the story, OK? So, I mean, who’s salty here?"

To put the icing on top of her retort, Hannah McNair said "well, first they need to beat us" when the radio host said the Titans are the Texans’ top rival. 

Houston has won the last three games they have played against the Titans. 

With these two teams playing each other twice each year, this rivalry has certainly been restored. 

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